PRWeb ebooks - Another online visibility tool from PRWeb Brentwood Search Offers Consultation and Recruiting Services to Traditional Entertainment Companies Transitioning To New Media Platforms The window of opportunity for the leading players to secure their position is narrowing, and Brentwood Search is offering consultation and recruiting services to help assure traditional media companies do not miss out on the new technology. El Segundo, CA (PRWEB) June 13, 2017 -- Brentwood Search is offering consultation services along with its recruiting and headhunting practice to traditional media and entertainment companies looking to transition into the New Media sector. The El Segundo, CA headquartered retained search firm is bringing to bear its years of entertainment and technology experience so that clients can find the best talent to move into a more modern format. “Every media and entertainment group has seen the writing on the wall,” said Brentwood Search Managing Partner, Marcia Basichis. “It is a digital world and the content of the future will be delivered through digital channels. Advanced technologies have dramatically transformed the way we consume, connect, and interface. It is small wonder that traditional companies are scrambling to get ahead of the curve. Clearly, digital platform has an expanded delivery capability in a cost-effective framework. “I bring some thirty years of experience as an executive in both traditional entertainment and convergence media to the table to advise my clients on both their needs and the talent that can best fulfill them. “My years in recruiting for some of the key media and technology companies on the forefront of modern entertainment gives me a comprehensive understanding of this rapidly emerging delivery model.” Basichis pointed out that in her conversations with executives and creatives at traditional media companies, they all know the urgency of moving into the digital space but are often unsure of the talent and the ingredients necessary to enable a successful transition. She noted that the costs are such that the best way to avoid calamity is selecting the right candidates to fit every specific role. “Competition for the best talent is fierce right now,” said Basichis. The acceleration of disruptive change had caused in the media industry has resulted in the pressing need for broadcasters, cable companies, telecommunications entities and traditional media concerns to change their business models both rapidly and on grand scale. Hiring is now focused on new transformational platforms. “It is imperative that the traditional media companies hire a firm like ours so that they can source the very best of candidates. As it stands, the better candidates are not actively looking for work, but need to be contacted and persuaded to consider any job change. In short, you have to woo them. Wooing them is a result of understanding what they are seeking career-wise in the long term and how that can best be accomplished. “Before I get started in the recruiting process, I offer consultation to my current and prospective clients,” said Basichis. “This is the most valuable time as we establish all the objectives of the company in transition, what they need and what type of talent will best fulfill those objectives.” Basichis explained that being headquartered in the heart of Hollywood and the Silicon Beach provides better understanding of the challenges and changes in the new media and entertainment industries. It also provides Brentwood Search with proximity to the world’s most creative center and the talent pool that goes with it. Page 2/3 If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here - PRWeb ebooks - Another online visibility tool from PRWeb “As evidenced in a Los Angeles Times article in 2015, so much of the digital content business has moved to Southern California and is reshaping how entertainment is delivered to consumers,” said Basichis. “With my full spectrum experience in all aspects of entertainment and digital media, this space is a natural for Brentwood Search.” Page 3/3 If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here - PRWeb ebooks - Another online visibility tool from PRWeb Contact Information Marcia Basichis Brentwood Search http://http:\ +1 310-488-0039 Online Web 2.0 Version

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