Big Data is advancing the need of traditional entertainment companies to recruit senior executives with expertise in disciplines that can integrate with content. New candidates should have expertise in business intelligence, online marketing, and the monetization of online media platforms.


Brentwood Search

“It is essential that any entertainment company employ not only content providers,but those who have expertise in ecommerce and business intelligence,” said Marcia Basichis of Brentwood Search. "We find those candidates."

El Segundo, CA (PRWEB) July 29, 2014

Brentwood Search, the El Segundo, California based retained executive search firm, is intensifying its focus to meet the growing demands where traditional media and entertainment is increasingly moving toward an advanced technological landscape. As there is greater emphasis on online media integrating digital and ecommerce platforms.

“With the burgeoning of big data, traditional media companies find it critical to understanding consumer behavior as they attempt to develop profitable online entertainment platforms,” said Marcia Basichis, Managing Partner of Brentwood Search. “It is critical for both mainstream and startup companies to be able to monetize the digital content they deliver over the Internet.

“It is essential that any entertainment company who is planning on expanding into the digital space employ not only content providers and the creatives, but those who have expertise in ecommerce and business intelligence,” said Basichis.    “Competition is fierce in finding the right talent, the best and the brightest that have the technological proficiency to assure profits for online media. It is becoming clearer that business intelligence and incumbent digital technology are no longer back office functions.”

Basichis pointed out that there is intensive demand as prime candidates are sought after not only by the traditional and new media entities but by the financial services industry as well as companies in the Silicon Valley and other technologically based centers around the country.

“Brentwood search has been successful in recruiting just the right candidates who understand the relevance of the integrated disciplines,” said Basichis. We find experienced candidates who are versed in the intersection of IT, business intelligence, marketing and technology. Their expertise is in their knowing how to coordinate these disciplines so they can optimize the emerging business model. This is the new breed of entertainment executives. They are the wave of the future.

Basichis noted her many years in traditional entertainment and convergence media. She pointed out how she had recruited high level executives in entertainment and finance, as well as marketing and technology.

“I was Senior Vice President at Aaron Spelling for a fair number of years and after worked in convergence media,” said Basichis. “I’ve seen a great many changes over that time. In the emerging world of digital entertainment and technology, it is the last place you want to play catch up. You need to understand personalization of media and technology so you can service the wants and desire of the emerging middle class in the global market. AtBrentwood Search, we find the people who can do that for you.”

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